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Homeopathic Whooping Cough Vaccines Dangerous

March 26, 2012

The Age newspaper has published a story today warning against the use of homeopathic vaccines for the devastating childhood illness known as Whooping Cough (Warning on Homeopathy Vaccines – The Age).  In the article, Royal Children’s Hospital Immunisation Specialist, Dr Nigel Crawford, warned that the homeopathic vaccines were useless, and in fact dangerous if used in place a real vaccine. “There’s no scientific evidence for homoeopathic medicines either preventing whooping cough or treating it,” he said.

It is encouraging to see more column inches being used to dissuade the public from using the magic water offered by believers (from the well-meaning to well shonky), and to see more medical doctors getting in front of reporters to get the message out there.

However my favourite part of the article was the following :

Fran Sheffield, director of Homeopathy Plus!, said although she had no scientific evidence to support the efficacy of her whooping cough products, homoeopaths had seen them working for more than 200 years

Which to me is an admission that they have nothing but confirmation bias to back up their claims that homeopathy is anything more than placebo.
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